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We know how stressful lipedema can be. We therefore take every patient seriously and do our best to alleviate the symptoms. With us you can expect a professional 360-degree treatment that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Your advantages in the Lipedema Center Munich

Check of all conservative therapies before lipedema surgery is considered

Interdisciplinary team of doctors with decades of experience

Comprehensive therapy with treatment of any concomitant diseases

Symptoms and stages of lipedema

Many lipedema patients do not know about their disease for a long time. They believe that they are simply overweight. They suffer from a chronic fat distribution disorder that does not go away through exercise or diet.

Typical symptoms of lipedema are legs or sometimes arms with lots of fat. There often is also swelling and pain, which increases as the day progresses. Some patients are also sensitive to bumps and develop bruises quickly.

Since these complaints cannot be dealt with by exercise and dieting, many of those affected people do not know what to do next. But there are ways to effectively alleviate the symptoms!

Are you looking for a lipedema clinic or lipedema specialist nearby?

The specialists in our clinic in Munich are happy to be there for you if you would like a non-binding consultation.

Tailor-made lipedema treatment in southern Germany

Are you slim but have swollen legs? Or are you not only struggling with lipedema, but also obesity, varicose veins, or other comorbidities? We carefully check your status quo to put together the right lipedema therapy for you.

Our experienced interdisciplinary team of doctors will advise you professionally and empathically. Since lipedema is a chronic disease that can repeatedly require treatments, we are your reliable partner for a lifetime if necessary.

We offer the full spectrum of lipedema therapies for legs and arms

The goal of our efforts is to make life with lipedema as comfortable as possible for you. If conservative measures such as decongestion therapy are not sufficient, we can carry out liposuction on request. According to a study, around 22% of patients no longer need any therapy after liposuction, and around 58% can significantly reduce conservative treatment.

Experience report from one of our patients

About Lipedema Center Munich

“When I found out that I had lipedema. On the one hand, I was relieved because I finally knew why I couldn’t lose weight. On the other hand, I was wondering what to do now. Then I went to Prof. Kovacs. At first I was worried about what the lipedema doctor would think of me. But I immediately felt like home in the practice. From the first second I knew I was in the right place!”

Our experienced team of doctors for your lipedema treatment

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Our practice is located in Munich-Bogenhausen and can be easily reached with the U4, trams 16 and 17 and by car. It is only 20 minutes by underground from the main train station.

Would you like to finally be symptom-free again and get your old joie de vivre back? We are happy to help you.

You can make an appointment via email at or by phone at + 49 89 189 65 99 30. We look forward to meeting you!

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